Realize Your Feminine Wealth Course
Activate the Four Divine Truths Quickly so you can Realize your Soul’s Purpose and Infinite Wealth Today!
Join us for this 4-week course to:
> Activate the Four Divine Truths that guarantee your feminine wealth!

> Heal the 4 core wounds that keep you perpetually stuck in self-doubt and playing small!

> Identify your soul’s purpose!

> Super power your intuition so that you never doubt your innate wisdom again.

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Start living the life that you were born to live TODAY!
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 Warning: because this program is highly personalized, there are limited spots available in the Realize Your   Feminine Wealth course. Claim your spot TODAY or risk missing out completely.

 Here’s what the Realize Your Feminine Wealth course includes:
4 LIVE video clearing and training calls led by Michelle Lee to release and heal the 4 Core Wounds that keep you stuck un self-doubt.
Value: $2,000
Live video clearing and training calls for 4 weeks. The power of these calls is indescribable. With Michelle’s expertise, intuition and multi-dimensional releasing abilities the emotional and mental blocks that have plagued you for decades dissipate into nothingness. This is the priceless work of finally healing the 4 Core Wounds that keep you perpetually in a state of self-doubt


Michelle intuitively guides you with practical coaching to realign you with your soul’s purpose and the unstoppable confidence to fulfill it joyfully and opulently.
4 Embodiment Hypnosis Sessions Designed to anchor within you the 4 Divine Truths that guarantee your infinite wealth.
Value: $2,000
Each week, once the clearing work is done on that week’s wound you will then receive the hypnosis that awakens and anchors within you the corresponding Divine Truth.
LIVE Turn-up-the-volume Intuition Session with Q & A
Value: $1,200
Michelle guides you through recognizing and trusting your intuition. You will come away with exponentially greater clarity and trust in your intuition.
LIVE Purpose Discovery Session with Michelle with Q & A
Value: $1,200
Michelle will guide you LIVE into your inner most knowing to discover and embody your soul’s purpose. Finally, get the clarity you’ve always wanted.
Teachings on the 4 Divine Truths so that you can fully embody your soul’s purpose and PROSPER!
Value: $2,000…honestly priceless
These teaching are a culmination of Michelle’s 17 years of helping women identify and embody the 4 Divine Truths transform your self-worth and self-esteem making you receptive to your purpose and your wealth.
Private Facebook Community of Like-Minded Women Awakening to their Soul’s Purpose and Infinite Wealth.
Value: Priceless
Who can put a value on a community of women all moving toward a common goal? You will also receive additional coaching from Michelle inside the Facebook community.
Total Value of What You Get: Over $9,000
(The investment is a FRACTION of the value)
Needless to say, we fill up quickly.
You’ll also get these AMAZING Bonuses: 
 Michelle’s 6-week Spiritual Money Mastery Program: 6 hours of training on the Spiritual Laws of Wealth and clearing your negative programming about money
 $500 credit toward Michelle's Awaken to Your Feminine Wealth Program should you choose to go deeper into following your soul's purpose and turning it into a prosperous business.
Total Value of the program with bonuses: $9,147.00
You pay $955 for EVERYTHING
(Please note: course investment is non-refundable)
Michelle Lee is the founder of Athena Rising Now, LLC, a women’s empowerment coach for 17 years and is a powerful conduit of the Sacred Feminine. She deeply understands that when women are healed the planet can thrive.

Michelle’s Soul’s purpose and mission is to transform the female experience on the planet by helping women embody their innate value and worth, identify their Soul’s purpose and turn it into infinite wealth and abundant living in all ways.

Women working with Michelle, shed self-doubt and fear of inadequacy, learn to trust their intuition, tap into their unique expression and create financial freedom through their soul’s purpose.

Michelle is the author of Fall in Love…with your Self hypnotic journey CD and the creator of countless weekend workshops including Mind Magic and Self-Love How to Get There from Here and most recently her book, Women: From Profit to Power, Your Guide to Claiming Your Worth. Michelle is also the acting President of the Central Phoenix/Inex Casiano Chapter of the National Organization for Women.

You can reach Michelle at her website
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